Have YOUR say!

I figured that since you all listen to me ramble on, i would like to give YOU the opportunity to have your say on miscarriage,let your experience help others, we will walk this road together, through the storm, whatever the weather, cold or warm.

Please give honest answers, infertility isn’t something to be ashamed of, It is a medical condition, not an indicator of who you are as a person.



6 thoughts on “Have YOUR say!

    1. Hey Lana, already I am surprised by the results. I thought I was the only one that felt alone during my lowest moments, next question; how do we change this? Ha x


    1. Glad to hear it Stacey! If you need any support I’m always here.. Amongst hundreds of women. I too have suffered multiple during IVF, I promise you are not alone. X


  1. I suffered an ectopic pregnancy after IVF. Losing a baby is hard enough, but having to wait on a ward with other pregnant woman who where suffering extreme morning sickness or other pregnancy related issues before I could get my precious IVF baby removed was torture!! Then the after math of open surgery to contend with, leaving me with a perminant scar as a reminder and a heart gutting emptiness! All of this seemed cruel & beyond unfair. I was treated as a bit of a medical quandary as it was something that was very rare (just my luck!) but the hospital treated me and my baby with extreme dignity, even saying a mass for our baby and doing a cremation, this gave me some peace but never filling the empty gap.
    Where I got the courage to dust myself off and go for our next round of IVF from I’ll never know, but knowing that in four months times we will be welcoming our 1st ‘miracle’ baby into this world is somewhat bittersweet… I think each knock makes us stronger & even more determined.


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