TTC Lucky charm update

Thisweek my Instagram has been filled with pretty parcels, beautiful boxes tied with ribbon and gifts galore, all wrapped with love, support, admiration and of course, your chosen lucky charm.

When i first set up this exchange i wanted to set a challenge, something to get us thinking about positivity and what others feel brings luck, what brings comfort and support during our times of need – and i knew i could trust the TTC community to surprise me with their choices,

But from keyring charms to lucky pennies, it was in there, and also including chocolate, cosmetics, personalised gifts, beauty products and a card inked with words of comfort from the heart, and although i didn’t partner up this time it brought ME great comfort knowing you have connected and communicated, TTC can be an emotional, tiring and confusing journey, but with someone to talk to and share your journey makes it that little bit easier, maybe you gained a new found knowledge of your treatment, maybe you have experienced what your exchange partner is about to go through and you are able to offer advice, but most importantly you have listened, and understood because¬†unfortunately we can’t all come in convoy at each others precious scans or transfers {can you imagine the thought of 30+ hormonal women during someone else’s fertility appointment?!} or wait outside the bathroom for the hugs after a negative test, as much as we’d love to!

Over 60 of you took part in this exchange, showing the TTC community that you are here, now and always, so I’ve posted some of the recent photos on my newsfeed!

I hope that during your hardest times, you pull out your charm and smile with support, laugh with love and power through with positivity, someone out there is showing you that they are there, from Germany to USA, they are there. Every step, every minute, every challenge.

After the success of this exchange i will be planning another exchange early 2016, so keep your eyes peeled and spread the word, maybe by then your circumstances have changed and you have a whole new category to fit in to! Who knows what the future will bring?

‘Every gift from your friend is a wish for your happiness, but remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store, its in the heart.’

As mentioned, despite not partnering up, I’m overwhelmed by your support, having each and every one of you following my journey means i get 1501¬†lucky charms, every single day, and for that, ill forever be grateful.