The ice queen has melted!

Well firstly i want to say a HUGE thank you for all that has supported me this past week – all 800 followers(crazy!) countless messages and texts, I’ve received more support this past week than i have during the whole journey!

I never thought in a million years that anybody other than polite friends would be interested in what i had to share, it started as a diary, a means of escape, and It would take me forever a day to thank every one of you, but i have read every single message over and over again, i have been overwhelmed by your words, many touched my heart, many made me laugh, many of you can relate, many have no idea what i ramble on about but still give their words of sympathy and well wishes.

Mr.F usually calls me the ice queen with a frozen heart, i have become numb to emotion through this process as I’m sure many of you can relate to this, but there are a few messages that thawed me, here are some from Instagram and text;

“Loved reading your blog, i had a miscarriage naturally two years ago now, no sniff of a pregnancy since, now on the long road waiting for our fertility appointment to see whats going on” Harkersflabulousjourney.


Hiya I’ve just read your blog, i too had many trips to the doctors who told me to come back when i was ready for a family, i have PCOS and have been with the centre now for 3 years, i had my first pregnancy and miscarriage 3 months ago, i am looking forward to following your journey and blog. Lots of love and luck to you and your husband.” – Ellen RP.


“I cannot imagine what you are going through,your blog is so honest and so brave to write it, i myself have experienced two miscarriages, i know your time will come” – Gemma Lindsay 


Your blog made me teary, you are honest and open, good things come to those who wait, lots of baby dust xx” – Lou Abbert


Fertility is such a taboo,I’ve also known for years somethings wasn’t right,we are indeed fertility warriors so i just wanted to say ‘hi’ and send you so much love, determination, hope and never EVER let it take control of your life or make you feel like a victim, (I’ve certainly had dark days with all them feelings in one), we all have our stories to tell and our happy endings to have, and i am certainly looking forward to following yours” –Danidel1982

“I wish i had a blog to turn to when i was going through my fertility, i needed a friend that understood, now i have my beautiful 17 month old daughter and its all a distant memory, loved reading it.”Hanna B 


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